Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Pink and Green

Hi Pink and Green,

I tried to respond on your site but Blogger was being difficult, so hopefully you'll see this!

The Inn at Essex is a great restaurant that features Chefs from the New England Culinary Institutue (NECI). You can go to the actual NECI student restaurant on Church St. too. Another place if you're downtown is Bove's, a locally owned Italian bistro. If you're in the mood for Italian it's *great* with very reasonable prices. The Ice House and Rocque's are both downtown and on the waterfront and are very good. Another option in Burlington is American Flatbread. OH yes two local favorites are the Upper Deck (above the Windjammer restaurant attached to the Best Western in S. Burlington) and the Rusty Scuffer on Church St. Both have great food and great atmosphere(s)! If you're looking for breakfast/lunch Mirabelle's downtown has wonderful pastries/sandwiches/desserts and Nectar's gravy fries can't be competed with!
If you feel like taking a drive... in North Hero you could go to Shore Acres which is a picturesque Inn on Lake Champlain, they also have great food. If you go there, call first as their season is winding down.

Other shopping on Church St. is at Queen Ann's Lace and J Lemay they always have really cute, fun stuff!
hile you're at Polo you should also check out the Paper Peddler. They have great stationary/paper/ etc.

I hope I didn't overwhelm you... :)


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