Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Best Advice...

As a self-declared shop-a-holic I am forever buying EVERYTHING that I think is cute at the moment and while I do buy basic wardrobe necessities sometimes most often I tend to impulsively buy trendy items that I do not deem myself "trendy" enough to wear. That being said, my closet is full of items that I am saving for that "perfect" occassion to wear it. In perusing another blog the other day, it was suggested that one stops waiting for the perfect occassion and just wear it now! Since then I have enthusiastically worn items that I've been saving for quite a while and I am *loving* this new attitude I have! Just yesterday I wore three items that I've been saving together and got so many compliments on my wonderful, fun, and cute outfit!

Do any of you have any items you've been saving for the "perfect" occassion? What about items you've purchased that you just don't feel "cool" enough to wear?!?


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