Monday, September 01, 2008

Ahhhh the life

I love long weekends. This one has been exceptionally enjoyable because it's the first Labor/Memorial Day in three years that I haven't spent traveling. I guess that comes with the territory of not being in a long distance relationship anymore...

I babysat all day Saturday for The Family so when yesterday came I headed to jazz, (yes, there's a jazz here and YES I go and YES YES I will be teaching there) ran home quickly to change and pack a lunch and headed over to my sister's boyfriend's house. His family lives in Greenwich and has extended an open invitation to stop by their house whenever I feel like it. They have a beautiful backyard so I parked myself by their pool all afternoon and got all of my reading/work done for my classes for the next two weeks. I know.

Today, the BONUS WEEKEND DAY, I woke up, headed to jazz and headed right back over to the pool. I've been sitting out here since 11:00 this morning and have since caught up on all of your blogs, painted my nails, and read a book I needed to read by the end of the semester. (It's a short one, don't be too impressed.)

My sister's boyfriend's family has invited me to stay for dinner so I'll probably just hang out here until then...this is totally the life. :)

But um... is it REALLY SEPTEMBER?!?!??!?! Whoa.



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