Thursday, September 04, 2008

I got it

My kids are too cute. They were super well behaved today (it’s only day one- - I know) but they genuinely seemed to enjoy the day. I was telling them that after our Centers it was time to go home and one little boy goes, “but we get to come back as soon as we wake up tomorrow.” Oh, the attitude of a six year old…

The school that I teach at is incredible. I feel so lucky to be working there. At lunch time all of the students and teachers/staff in the lower school eat a family style lunch. The teachers are all assigned a table and have students from every grade sitting with them. My table was so great today. This was my first lunch with the kids so I was a little tentative about how the entire process worked but one little girl explained the entire process to me, I felt like she should have been in charge. Then as we were walking out to recess a 1st grader ran by us (the rule is “Always Walk”) and she goes to me, “Oh, just so you know, you’re allowed to say, ‘Excuse Me, STOP, you need to wait for us and Walk’ you’re allowed to do that. Just so you know.” I am in love with this job so far.

My day ends at 2:50pm every day (yea, how great is that?!?) so as soon as I can I’ve been ditching my teaching clothes and heading out for a run. I live in a very urban area so running from my house is notsomuch a fun endeavor what with all of the traffic lights, cars, and crazies around. Where I work however, is a completely different story. It’s on the ocean (I KNOW!) so I run out the driveway and I can run on the ocean for about 3 miles until the road turns inland again. It’s awesome and until I can get a jazz schedule figured out, it’s keeping me sane. Then I’m home and showered by 5pm- - just when I was leaving my previous job.

Be prepared for no segue.

Is anyone watching tennis tonight? (Hey, I warned you!) I can’t believe how close this match is. I always root for Venus because she’s older and I think she’s a little more personal but now that I’ve typed that I’m sure Serena will win. The internet has not been working at The House so I’ve resorted to watching tv and writing my post in Word so I can post tomorrow (today!) in the morning. Um, wow. Venus is up in the second set 5-2. When did THAT HAPPEN?!?
I’m heading into the city tomorrow (today!) to watch some tennis.

Aaaaand…that’s about it!



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