Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I know many of you are dog *lovers*. You love your dogs. I know. They are part of your family, they eat with you, sleep with you, take trips with you. They are your best friends. I can appreciate that. I, however, am not a dog lover. I like them, when they're well behaved and un-smelly. (I know, so harsh.)

Regardless of my feelings of dogs I am dog-sitting this week to help soemone out. She (the dog) is very small and cute and I'm taking very good care of her. I feel badly though that she is at home all day alone so I thought today I would treat her and bring her to work with me for the morning so she could have some company. Well, when I was putting all of her stuff in my car this morning she ran out the front door and TOOK OFF down the street. Fast. You would have thought there was a HUGE PILE OF DOG TREATS at the end of the road the way she was running. I couldn't keep up. She ran up the street, down the street, in backyards, under fences, frontyards and behind trees. I was following her closely trying to see exactly where she was going and trying to get her attention. By this time she has marked her territory about 6 times. I squat down in the middle of the street, call her name and she starts running towards me. (Thank god.) I think this show is going to be over because she's running straight at me, well, she doesn't slow down. She runs full-steam at me, takes a flying leap, JUMPS OVER ME, and continues down the street. Damn it.

I'm about to give up when she comes waltzing back like we were just out for a stroll. Except now she wants to be picked up because she's tired, all of that running really takes a lot out of a dog. Well, by now we're 1/2 mile from her house. So I had to carry a WET dog all the way back home and now I can't stop smelling her.

Needless to say, she stayed home this morning.


Blogger jilly said...

I am sorry, I had to giggle a little. . .

11:52 AM  
Blogger onehotpotato said...

that would be me--i do like dogs, but i have a hard time with them indoors unless they are small. i am too ocd about my living space being clear of dog hair!

great story...i think i can smell "wet dog" now from here.

12:49 PM  
Blogger Lisagh said...

So funny! (sorry to laugh)

7:36 PM  
Blogger Kimberly said...

Oh my....at least you found her...i guess!

There you go, you're workout is done!

3:03 PM  
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