Thursday, February 21, 2008

That's Blinding

So, remember that guy I told you about? From early December? The one I gave my number to but didn't remember then he called me? Well, he called me a bunch of other times between then and now but it just never worked out. We saw each other at that bar again, said hi, just wasn't there, you know? So, come to find out... he is 55 years old (!!!!!) and MARRIED (!!!!!!). WHAT A CREEP. I knew he was older, but honestly, he looks late 30's early 40's. 55 is a little much. And MARRIED. ARE YOU SERIOUS?!? If I wanted another unfaithful person I guess he would be great. Come on.

A few weekends ago I went to a dinner party at a friend's and met some very nice people. One girl was talking about this guy friend she has who is so great but she never knows any nice girls to hook him up with. This is where I come in. I totally forgot about the conversation, but she talked to him about me... he facebooked me... and we're meeting tonight for drinks. While this is not officially a "blind" date (I've seen his pics on FB) it's the closest I've ever been. I'm kind of excited. I hope it goes really well, but if not... at least I'm getting out! :)

Completely unrelated- -the Today Show is broadcasting LIVE! from VERMONT! today which has been very fun because EVERYONE 'round here is like... WHOO! CELEBRITIES! WHOO! (Hey, we don't see too many of them). So... yesterday I was called at work to bring some things by the "set" to their producer and I met Meredith. Yes, I did. And she was SUPER nice! So, basically, I'm a celebrity now too.

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Blogger Tammy B said...

Good luck with your date.

I saw the "Today Show" this morning from Vermont. It was so beautiful. I have never been to Vermont in the winter...only in the summer.

8:25 PM  

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