Tuesday, September 09, 2008

In the Life of a Kindergartener

Everyday we have morning meeting. This is a time for the kids to see their schedule for the day, we read a book, talk about the weather, update the calendar, etc. Yesterday we read a story about a crab. After we finished, I asked the class, "What other things live in the ocean?" They raised their hands and we heard, "whales," "sharks," "jellyfish"... then the next hand, "One time, I got stung by a jelly (pronounced Yelly) fish." Next hand, "I got stung by a jellyfish too." Next hand, "I got stung by TWO jellyfish. THIS SUMMER." (You can see how this goes...) Next hand, "Well, one time. I got an EEL!" I laughed a little and this little boy looks at me, totally annoyed that I'm smiling about this MAJOR FISH HE CAUGHT. WITH TWO NETS. Crosses his arms and says, "FOUW. WHEEL." ("For real" for all of you non-little kid talkers).

This job? Is a comedy show.



Blogger Pink Flamingo said...

That is such a fun age...and agree, a very comedic age too!

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