Thursday, November 30, 2006

Coffee Complaint

Okay, while this is not the *great* post I was aiming for... this is really bugging me today! I stop at the same gas station every morning, not for the typical coffee like many of my friends but instead, for a fountain diet coke. Nothing wakes me up more than a little carbonation on my way to work. HOWEVER many coffee drinkers think that the gas station parking lot- - right outside of their doors- - is the perfect place to dump the remnants of YESTERDAY'S coffee so they can start fresh. I fully support fresh coffee everyday but really, is it so hard to dump the leftover liquid in a trashcan or BEHIND the vehicle so innocent diet coke addicts like myself don't need to step out of their cars smack into a puddle of hazelnut smelling, milky-brown liquid? I beg of you coffee drinkers all over the world... deal with your coffee in some other way. Thank you. :)


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