Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I Blow Kisses

There are two radio stations that I listen to that play similar pop music. When I am driving into work in the mornings and one isn't playing a song that I like I usually pop over to the other one for a few minutes. Well, today when I changed the station the OTHER station was playing the EXACT same song that I was switching from. Not only did this happen once, but TWICE. What are the chances? Now whenever I hear "Fergulicious," "Irreplaceable," or "Call me When You're Sober" I'm going to turn off the radio and sing "Baby Got Back" to myself because at least I like that song.


Blogger Lisagh said...

Baby Got Back is a hilarious song! I'm sure it would be entertaining for all those on the road with you to see you singing in the car!

1:11 PM  

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