Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Fed Cup

If you recall, I went to the Fed Cup right before vacation and now I have finally gotten around to uploading my pictures! It was incredible- - the setting (Stowe, VT), the people (I saw Venus up SO close!), and the FUN! I took a few of the girls from my tennis team because this was such a great opportunity to see some awesome tennis and my boyfriend came with his two roomates (all tennis pros... they were in heaven). Venus played first which was just awesome because she was who I was most looking forward to seeing and then she played doubles as well.

The U.S. lost (who's keeping track?) but it was a great experience anyway. And to think... all of these people were in Vermont. :)

The court that was built specifically for this event

The flags...

The teams

The serve :)

The win! :)

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