Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I'm back.

Whew! What a vacation it was! I’m home and getting back into the swing of things but there is something so depressing about the first week back. I wish I was still there! My family is still there, only my youngest sister and I came back- - me to work, her for summer school so it’s even more depressing knowing that my family and friends are still on the beach!

The weather was perfect- hot and sunny during the day, cool and breezy at night. We hit the beach every day, left in time for happy hour and let the festivities continue until bedtime. My mom, sisters, cousins and aunts (all avid Jazzercisers) didn’t want to take a break from working out while on vacation so we jazzed and body sculpted on our porch every morning. (Quite the sight for all of those vacation-walkers who meandered by.) It was fun though and made last night teaching inside that much less fun!

Our whole family was able to come including my cousin from NC whom we haven’t seen since February. I know you are all probably sick of hearing about my vacation so I’ll stop here, but it is my favorite time of year and my absolute favorite place to be.

There is actually a motel for sale (a motel that part of the family always stays in and where we stay when we head up in the winter) and I would *LOVE* to buy it. Unfortunately, I don’t have the $2.3m to get it. Yet. :)

Not too much is going on this week, catching up, filling in for a lot of vacations at Jazzercise and getting the house/my mom’s office ready for my parents to come home. I’ve got three lawns to mow, a pool to vacuum, laundry to put away, and about 1,000 pieces of mail to open. Tonight though? I’m taking my Grandpa out to dinner.

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Blogger hot potato said...

i love the pictures. i sounds like you had a great time...how could you not? i leave this friday with my kids to fly into hartford, ct and stay with my folks for a night in mass. before driving on up to york beach. i can't wait. i'll be there two weeks this year. my husband is joining up with us sometime at the end of the first week.

i know what you mean about getting back into the swing of things. it will be my turn here real soon....until then i have a smile on my face.

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