Friday, February 22, 2008


I went on the date last night... it was...anti-climactic. I guess that's a good thing, but I think I was looking for a little "wow" factor. Turns out we had a couple of mutual friends (not that surprising when you reside in this state) and he was very nice, but it just wasn't exciting. If he calls me again, I think I'll go out with him once more, to really see, but this dating thing? Is totally new to me. Does it take a while before you think it might be fun to hang out? I don't know...

I'm heading to beautiful Hilton Head Island, SC on Sunday and absolutely cannot wait. Warm weather here I come...I'll catch up with y'all next week!

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Blogger Paige Jennifer said...

You have to settle back into a blank slate. Where past relationships are far enough away to not intervene in potential future onces. And then? Then you'll be ready to feel the wowsers.

2:11 PM  
Blogger Tilda said...

you know how they say (by they...i mean sex and the city but whatever)it takes half the time you dated someone to get over them? I think that is so true! Especially when it comes to trying to date other people. Because no matter what happens on the date you will be comparing it in your mind to anything that happened with the bf. So hard! And stressful!! I'm so proud of you for trying the date though. Have an awesome time in SC!

3:10 PM  
Blogger sle said...

Have a great trip! Hilton Head is wonderful anytime of the year.

12:54 AM  
Blogger hot potato said...

p in vt, i have been there. i am one of those people who know what my interest level is right away. but, let me tell you, i have surprised even myself a time or two with feelings that developed later on for someone. i have this rule, "i don't mind being wrong once in awhile. in fact, i welcome it!"

keep your eyes and ears open to the potential in people. sometimes, the "wow" factor is in something they say or how they say something, makes you turn your head to think, and then you see them differently.

you are still comparing. why wouldn't you? you've had a "type" for a long time with your ex and you want to keep the pros of that relationship.... with a little bit of mystery that keeps you interested.

relationships are hard, because when they end... many times they aren't over in every way and we wind up reconnecting without the same boundaries as before... and that's not what we want either.

before i was married, i used to say to myself, "beth, there's a reason you didn't want him, don't go backwards, go forwards." i never went back to the "relationship", but i did revisit every boyfriend at some point--talked, kissed, spent time.... i think to make sure i wasn't missing something. but i never went back.

don't sell yourself short. good guys still exist out there. be the person you want to attract. that's the natural order of things.

have fun in sc.

1:42 AM  

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