Wednesday, March 26, 2008


My youngest two sisters are seniors in high school this year (they're not twins, 13 months apart, one is graduating early) and they've both been busy applying to colleges. In the beginning, the plan was for them to go to my alma mater which is also where sister #2 goes. We never really discussed it- - it was just kind of going to happen. I, obviously, was very excited about this! Well, they both changed their minds and decided that they wanted to go somewhere else without each other...fine. Yesterday though, they both got acceptance letters from my former school and, well, now I want them to re-think! Too bad I don't have a say in this... :)

Tonight I'm getting monitored for Jazz. I have my outfit and set all picked out, but it's still REALLY stressful! :)

(been on three dates with blind date #2...more to come)

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