Wednesday, September 17, 2008

CT Jazz

I taught my first CT Jazzercise class last night! It. Was. Awesome. I was only subbing (I haven't found time for a regular schedule yet) but the class was FULL. I did my favorite songs and was super-upbeat. I came out of class on such a high. I miss teaching all of the time.

I went to bed at nine last night trying to combat this ridiculous sickness I've fallen to, but that only prompted a night of ridiculous dreams. Like... my friend leaving me at my house to drive off with my boyfriend- - in the dream- - in a red Porshe. And me walking into a haircutting place that accepted walk-ins and having the crew of 5 women sitting on a couch watching soap operas, crying then just walking up to me and cutting off 8 inches of my hair- - dry.

Totally weird.

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