Monday, September 15, 2008

The Weekend: It was a Good One

I still don't have internet at the house so posting from work has obviously been a little difficult what with all of the Kindergarteners around. :)

This weekend was completely fantastic. Friday night I had to babysit (so I just went to bed after that) and Saturday I had to babysit all day. ALL DAY LONG. I woke up and got the girl's ready to go to the Stepping Stones Children Museum in Norwalk (CT). If you've never been there, I HIGHLY recommend it. Everything in the place is kid-friendly and FUN. In fact- they have a bubble area outside with out 15 different bubble stations. Talk about fantastic. We had lunch at the museum then headed home. It was the eldest girl's birthday party Saturday night so they were supposed to take naps (riiiiiiight) so when we got home I tried to get them to relax but the only thing they wanted to do was fight with each other. The eldest would say, "I'm going to blow out all of my candles at my party tonight" then her younger sister (who repeats EVERYTHING she says) goes, "I blow out da can-els oo" and the older one FREAKS OUT starts CRYING HYSTERICALLY saying, "NOOOO! It'S MY PARTY! I GET TO BLOW THEM OUT!" And I'm all, "dude. We KNOW it's your party and you get to blow them out. Get. Over. It." So the afternoon went like that until 5 when they (finally!) left (WITHOUT ME!) for the party.

I had a faculty dinner to go to at school and I invited my friend who lives in NY to come with me so I picked him up from the train station, got ready and we headed up to school. It was so great. My friend is fantastic and so easy going and personable that it wasn't akward at all and he got to meet all of my new school friends and we had lobster/clams/chicken/WINE and it was. so. good. After dinner we headed out to a bar in South Norwalk (SoNo for all of you CTer's) and the rest of the night is kind of a blur... :)

I woke up Sunday morning with the. worst. headache I've had in a long time and said to my friend, "God, I only had three glasses of wine and two beers. I shouldn't be this hungover" and he was all... "Uhhh... what about those shots of Patron you had at the end of the night." F. I always forget about the damn shots.

We weren't really up for anything wild and crazy so we headed out for breakfast then headed over to my sister's boyfriend's to lounge by the pool. (Lounging in this case meant passing out poolside for three hours in the ridiculous heat and waking up completely SOAKED in sweat and sunburnt). We woke up to my friend's phone ringing crazily (it was his boss) who said he needed to get his sweet a$$ into work immediately due to the financial craziness that occurred over the weekend. He works for a large financial company (like- LARGE LARGE) and I guess they were figuring out big things or something. I don't know- - he looses me as soon as he starts talking about fixed icome bonds so I have no idea what he really does.

All of this financial distress has me really worried though. I was watching the news last night and all of the Lehman Brothers employees cleaning out their desks was heartbreaking. I wouldn't wish that on quote of my favorite blogger's... "Something's Gotta Give."

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