Thursday, April 30, 2009


I'll have to show you guys the playlist I'm currently addicted to, but right now my favorite song on the list is She Just Wants to Dance by Asher Roth (of I Love College fame). It's awesome.

Favorite line? (This could be off, but this is what it sounds like)

We bouncin', we movin', we two-step, we groovin'.




Anonymous Anonymous said...

cool one of the neater aspect of the 'net today to me is the sharing of tastes. in hs/college it was so easy and common for someone to come in "dude you HAVE to hear this!" and plunk a cd into my player. and because students were from all over the country there wasnt a homogenization of tastes so i was exposed to alot of stuff. i missed that out in the job market for years, living in cubicle land. but now its so easy to have someones send an mp3 or a link to youtube or whatever. thanks for sharing!

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