Wednesday, September 09, 2009

What I Did on my Summer Vacation

Today was a very typical first day of school. We found our desks, found our books, our binders, introduced ourselves and then- - of course- - we had to answer THE question. What I did on my summer vacation.

Except when I was in elementary school in Vermont the answers went something like this, “I went swimming in the lake.” “I went to camp.” “I had a sleepover with my cousins at my Grandma’s house.”

That’s not how they roll in Fairfield County.

The conversation in our room today went something like this:

Student 1: I went to Paris and we saw the Eiffel Tower.

Student 2: Oh! I went there too, but we also went to the south of France.

Student 3: I went to my house in the Adirondacks. It was awesome. We boated and fished.

Student 4: I went to my house in Vermont. We also went to New Hampshire.

Student 5: I went hiking in MA then I went to Chicago.

Student 6: I went to Chicago- -saw a Cubs game! They won! We also went to Aspen and California.

Student 7: I went to Turkey and Greece.
Teacher: Oh! What was your favorite part?
Student 7: Santorini. It’s beautiful there. Clear water, warm temperatures.

Student 8: I also went to Paris. We stayed at the Ferragamo Hotel. Ferragamo is actually a shoe company. It’s very cool.
Teacher: Oh! Did you get a new pair of shoes.
Student 8: No, they didn’t have my size. My mom got two pairs though.

Student 9: I spent the whole summer on Nantucket. I took golf and tennis lessons.

Student 10: We went to the Bahamas.

And it went on…and on…and on…

Teacher: Well, I got married and went to Mongolia.

MY TURN: I moved. TWICE. And took FIVE graduate school classes.


My third graders are officially cooler than I am.

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