Tuesday, September 01, 2009


I can’t believe tomorrow is September 1st. Where did the summer go? Actually, I know where June and July went (*cough* f’inggradschool *cough*)- - where did August go? I guess when your only responsibility is to make sure there’s enough beer/wine in the house and then drink it, it’s easy to lose track of time. The past three weeks in Vermont were, in a word? Incredible. I can’t even begin to explain how fantastic it was, how much fun I had, or how grateful I am to have been able to go home, hang out with my family and simply… relax.

That being said- - I have about 965 stories that I’m dying to share but I think they’re each deserving of their own post.

Graduate school started today, real school starts Wednesday and I’m back to teaching jazz tomorrow. This vacation has ended as abruptly as it started but I am anxious to get back into a normal routine and start working out again. (Amazingly, I weigh LESS now than I did when I went home but…well, I’m still a tank.) I’m in the new apartment, which I love, but I still have a ton of work to do here. The cable/internet should be hooked up tomorrow and I need to get my clothes put away and my desk area set up. We also need a couch. And end tables. The wine rack however? Is set up and fully stocked. Let’s be real- - I have my priorities.

I arrived to the apartment yesterday evening and had my work cut out for me but after a few hours of working I kind of reached my stopping point at which point I became very homesick. It was inevitable but usually I have Facebook or television to distract me. Since I don’t have either of those things at the moment, I had nothing left to do but twiddle my thumbs. Seriously. I twirled them in the kitchen. In the chair. In the bathroom… it was like watching a movie where someone is waiting for good/bad news. They’re doing the same thing in a MILLION different places/positions. That was me. I would have cried, but really? When you’re in an apartment. ALONE. What good is crying? For me, crying is usually a team/spectator event. It’s not something that you do alone. Don’t get me wrong- - I did tear up tonight watching an episode of 90210 but a full-fledged cry? Is best left when there’s a shoulder (other than your own) to lean on, and someone (other than yourself) to pour (a) glass(es) of wine after. It’s much more satisfying. Trust me.

I’m headed (semi) south for the long weekend to visit with my cousin and her kids from MI. I haven’t seen them nearly enough this year and I couldn’t be more excited to hang out with everyone all weekend.

It’s a new (school) year and I am so ready!



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