Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Habitual Problem

I think about what I want to write...ALL THE TIME. While I'm at school, while I'm working out, while I'm in the shower and then I get here, open up my laptop and?




this is what I get. It's so frustrating. I've GOT to start writing these ideas down. I promise they're not all totally lame.

I guess I can start with last weekend. I was home for a variety of reasons and ended up at the bar (GO FIGURE) Saturday afternoon at three. I wasn't drinking (yet) before you assume that I'm a complete lush (which I usually am), and it was just the regular crew of boys in there. Including Jax. Who would like nothing more than to get back together. But that's beside the point.

This unfamiliar guy (man) came in, sat down and started visiting with us. It was clear that he was very much "in" the group- - they all knew the same people and the same stories - - BUT I had never met him. Which, honestly, is unusual. I spend enough time there that people, even if we haven't met, at least look familiar.

After about twenty minutes of them chatting he came and sat next to me. It was getting a little weird because we were all talking together and I had NO idea who he was so I used the opportunity to introduce myself.

We chatted for a while, then my parents and sister came down and he moved to the other side of the bar. We didn't see each other again for the rest of the night but he did stop by on his way out t0 say that it was nice to meet me.

Then? He got home and sent me a Facebook message. And has sent about 498 messages/texts since then. He is CONVINCED that I'd be a great girl to date.

I'm not necessarily ruling it out, TOTALLY, but he has a little bit of a reputation, is divorced (WHAT IS IT WITH ME AND DIVORCED GUYS LATELY?!?!? IS THIS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU TURN 25??? YOU'RE DESTINED TO FIND SOMEONE WHO'S ALREADY BEEN MARRIED?!?! GOD!!!!!!!!), runs in the same social circle as Jax, and is 39.

I know.

He'd like to take me out on a date the next time I'm home, but I'm not quite sure... in some of his text messages he refers to me as, "woman" and? I'm SO not down with that.

To add fuel to my (non)dating fire one of Coach's (remember him?) very, very good friends came out for a drink later that night to celebrate my new job. What a sweet guy, huh? He immediately inquired about my status with Coach as they had spent the last weekend golfing together and knew that he had texted me the whole weekend. We sort of talked about things and he said, "Listen M, you are an amazing girl. Really. And you and Coach five years ago would have been perfect. You and Coach IN five years, would be perfect. You and Coach right now? NOT going to work? He's a mess, he doesn't know what he wants and he's a REAL asshole. You're too good for and you don't have time for this shit."

And... for one of the first times in my life, I completely agreed. As much as I like(d) Coach and would have like(d) something to work out. I don't have the time or patience in my life for guys like that. The old Me would have spent hours rationalizing how I'm the perfect girl and, of course it will work- - it's ME, but I've moved on from that. I think. I hope.

I also hope though, that I'm not destined to only get asked out by 34+ men who have one failed marriage under their belts. I'd like something, well... just something normal.


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