Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Givin' it Up

I gave up shopping for Lent. Did I tell you that? I did. I used to be a SHOP-A-HOLIC. Honestly. I would just shop, shop, shop, shop, shop. I scaled back a little after college, and then SERIOUSLY scaled back when I moved to Connecticut because, let's be honest, making less than $20,000/year and putting yourself through graduate school while managing to not default on any loans and still contribute to a retirement account does NOT exactly leave a lot of money leftover in the budget.


When Lent came around I thought about giving up dessert (HA!), or drinking (HA!HA!) or even diet coke, but shopping seemed like a more reasonably option. It would save me some money, I really don't NEED anything, and it would be kind of easy.

My sister, M, Sister 2 is basically the exact opposite of me. Well, we're either exactly the same or exactly opposite. Does that make sense?

We're opposite in regards to shopping.

I do.

She doesn't.

So when we ventured out this weekend on a little shopping spree, me to celebrate lent being over and having a real job lined up for the fall and her to celebrate ordering a vacation to West Palm and getting it, I didn't know what to expect.

Well...shop we did. For two days. It was amazing. We had so much fun and our friend D joined us and we were all in dressing rooms at the same time laughing, trying on clothes, gossiping, it was just like a scene out of a movie.

Sister 2 had a "look" she was going for in particular so the latter part of our shopping experience was trying to find white jeans. We looked at Gap and J Crew but didn't find anything with fit she was looking for.

We decided to try Banana Republic on our way home. In the back of the store they had a stack of 7 pairs of white jeans. We held them up. She didn't love them but I encouraged her to try them on.

She tried them on, turning from left to right, she wondered if they were too see-through. She stepped out of the dressing room to look in the large mirror. A woman was waiting for her daughter to try some things on and glanced up, "those look wonderful on you," she said, "what size are you?"

Sister 2 looked down at the tag, "Oh. 26waist, 00."


We stood in line to buy the jeans and we left with them in a small shopping bag.

That would have fit ONE pair of my underwear.

Not Sister 2 though. She got a whole dang pair of jeans in there.

If I didn't like her so much, I'd REALLY hate her.

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Blogger CeCe said...

I have been on a spending freeze b/c I've been saving up to buy a house and I totally miss it. A good spree every now and then is the best.

9:21 PM  

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