Thursday, March 22, 2007

Cut, Sew, Iron, Sew, Iron, Sew...

Shiloh's Girl's post about quilting reminded me that I never showed any pics of the first quilt I *ever* made that was finished in November! To remind all of you, it was a Stack & Wack pattern and all of those different "pinwheels" you see are made out of the SAME pattern that is in the border! This is the size of a twin comforter as I thought a queen would be too difficult for my first time and it was for my boyfriend so I tried to stick with some masculine patterns. He also *loves* music/instruments which is why I picked the drum pattern for the pinwheels. They actually made really neat kaleidescope patterns.

Currently I'm working on another quilt but this is a star pattern so it's much easier. STOP READING HERE IF YOU ARE SQUEEMISH. Although, I did sew my finger last weekend while I was working on it. Yes, I really did- - my finger was mushed between presserfoot and the base of the machine with a needle going straight through it. Ouch.

I'll post pics of this one when it's finished!


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