Wednesday, March 07, 2007

It's Not Mine

A big CONGRATULATIONS today to my friend Lindsey! (She got engaged- - this is her ring!) We grew up together and were in the same class from first grade through senior year and while we haven't seen each other as much as we should the past few years we always stay up-to-date with each other's lives. I'm so excited for her and wish her and her fiance the BEST!

I suppose this means I've entered the point in my life where everyone starts getting engaged... is this supposed to happen before our 5 year High School reunion? Do you even celebrate 5 years out of high school? Wow, that makes me sound really young. :)


Blogger Park Avenue Princess said...

I've definitely been there and experienced a sudden scary influx of my friend's weddings/babies! Don't feel left out - after a while, alot of your friends will start trying to live vicariously through you!

12:20 AM  
Blogger MMM said...

Pretty! Yes, the weddings are coming...get ready! Don't feel left out though, you'll be there before you know it. Enjoy this time in your life, it is really fun. I'm just a few years ahead of you...

12:48 PM  

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