Monday, March 12, 2007

March Madness

I have been a fan (actually Super Fan more accurately describes it- - my sisters and I won an ESPN Super Fan award two years ago for our *love* of UVM bball) of University of Vermont basketball for a very long time. (Well, since they started winning in 2000:)) and have thus learned to enjoy March Madness. While my best friend is no longer on the team I still follow the team closely and have seasons tickets. Saturday the UVM Men's team played in the Championship game for an autmatic bid to the NCAA tournament. They lost. By one point. It was the most heartbreaking basketball game I have ever seen. The team did qualify for the NIT (not as glamorous) tournament and is heading to Kansas City to play in a couple days. Good luck to the Cats!

I spent the weekend visiting my sister at school and got to catch up with many of my friends who are still there. It was a great weekend and I got to go back to my beloved gym where I spent 80% of my student life. Some might think I'm kidding but it is not the case. I love that gym. The gym where the ellipticles gleam and the free weights sparkle and everything is in school colors. The gym that, if you go before noon, is empty because college students don't function well before that time. While I miss my friends a TON from college what I really miss the most is having complete and total access to a fitness mecca. :)

Our school lacrosse team also beat the defending national champions on Saturday. It was a great game and my friend is the assistant coach so I was super-excited for all of them! Aaaaaand, a great win on Saturday always means a GREAT night Saturday night!

I hope all of your weekends were enjoyable!


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