Monday, October 08, 2007

Feels Like Fall

It finally feels like October! I love the warm weather, but this is a great change of pace- - I'm ready for sweaters! It was a beautiful weekend here but I have been so busy I've barely had time to enjoy it! Friday night I had tennis practice (I'm on a mixed-doubles team) which was fun, I don't play seriously all that often so it felt good to be hitting again.

I taught my first Junior Jazzercise class on Saturday morning- - the kids were so cute. They are mostly 8 years old and so excited to be running around and dancing. The parents however, are so annoying to deal with. We have a policy that parents don't stay during class because there isn't any seperation from the studio and the waiting area and the kids sometimes get distracted and look to their parents during the class. When I reminded the parents of this when they dropped their kids off one mom goes, "Well the instructor last week let us stay." So I explained again our reasoning and she goes down to the dance floor, grabs her daughter in a bear hug and goes to her (while giving me a dirty look and kissing her multiple times on the head), "Bunny, I'm not allowed to stay for class is that okay with you? Are you going to be fine? I'll come check on you, don't worry. Mommy will be right outside." Um, lady? Get. A. LIFE. Your daughter is EIGHT YEARS OLD and sorry, she DID JUST FINE WITHOUT YOU. It's AN HOUR. Some mom's would be rejoicing that their kids would be occupied (by a sane, responsible adult) for an hour so they could get a coffee or read a book or run an errand.

I spent the remainder of Saturday morning/afternoon (and MOST of Sunday)at the Jazzercise center helping the owner paint the studio ceiling. We're trying to spruce it up a bit and it's a LOT of work! Saturday night I worked at the Scoop Shoppe (I still haven't shared all that I've learned working there- - it's coming) but for the first time in the history of the scoop shoppe a customer refused a cone. That's right. Someone I waited on refused to take the cone that I made for them. Can you believe it? It's a longer story so I'll share the whole thing later but, come on? REFUSED an ICE CREAM?!?

I had my first mixed doubles match yesterday. I'm on an 8.0 team and my partner is really nice. I haven't played competitive tennis since college so it was fun to get back into it a little (even though I really perfer singles...). Our opponents were *very* good and we got MUSHED, but it was FUN and there's really only room for improvement from here!

My boyfriend has mid-semester break at his college next Monday and Tuesday so I'm HOPING that he's coming to visit for the weekend. Flights are so expensive though and it's a loong drive so I'm not sure that it's going to work out, but... my fingers are crossed! His parents are visiting him in MI now- - I've alluded to their craziness (they're SO nice, but crazy) and he is going insane. I think I'll have to devote a whole post on their stories... you would die.

I got my new Jazzercise dvd last week with new routines so I'm trying to learn 11 of them for class tonight, we'll see how that goes!

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Blogger hot potato said...

i have heard ya'll have had abnormally warm weather this fall. sounds like it's finally starting to cool off for you.

i too used to sell icecream... i have never heard of someone refusing a cone. i can't wait to hear the backstory on that.

have a great day.

11:13 AM  

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