Friday, October 12, 2007


I feel like I'm in middle school and it's the Friday before Thanksgiving vacation. You know that feeling? You don't really have anything HUGE to look forward to, but it's a whole week off, the weather isn't TOO cold and but it's cool... it's perfect. But, hello? This is NOT the Friday before the week of Thanksgiving it's not even the WEDESDAY (hello, job) before Thanksgiving and I'm not looking forward to anything particular in the next 48 hours. I have not been able to concentrate at all lately. Ugh.

My sister is home from school for mid-semester break (remember those?) so last night the four of us went out to dinner and shopping. Fun, yes but I didn't even BUY anything. I did find a couple of things to add to my ever-expanding birthday/Christmas list though. My boyfriend has mid-semester break this weekend too, with Monday/Tuesday off, and I thought that he was going to finagle SOME way to come see me but that did. not. work. out. I'm more than disapointed. How I loathe thee, long distance relationship.

Speaking of him... his birthday is in mid-November and I have NO clue as to what to get him. Last year I got him a luggage set because what he used to travel with, well, was embarrassing. He always gets me the BEST presents (ipod? check. Tiffany necklace? check. nike+shoes/ accessories? CHECK.) He's a tough act to follow. I could buy him a plane ticket to come see me, or one for me to see him but that seems a little selfish... :) I just want to find something PERFECT. Suggestions?

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Blogger Paige Jennifer said...

These -

I bought them for my last beau (lying son of a ?&!%$@). They rock. The sound? Incredible! The comfort? Buttah! The indulgent factor? Park Ave!

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