Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A Birthday Celebration

The mini-vacation was wonderful. I didn't not get nearly enough sleep so I'm still exhausted, but we were (finally!) able to celebrate our birthdays and I was gifted:


a new ipod! Wooo! He bought me my first ipod (a nano) but decided that with all of my Jazzercising I needed something with more memory. Also, this way I am able to keep the Nano with all of my workout songs and for running (love the Nike+ still, LOVE IT). I couldn't be more excited I was completely NOT expecting it!

My boyfriend is really into music, really into it. He's not that great (he played the drums in high school and still tries to play the guitar) but he's always finding the "backbeat" in songs and loves that sort of thing so anyway, I did a little research and there is a recording studio not far from his house in MI. I called over there and talked with the owner, explained my idea, and I ended up getting him two sessions of "mixing" lessons. I'm not exactly sure what it entails, but he'll get a cd at the end with the "song" that he produced so I'll find out!

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