Monday, November 12, 2007


Bad joke time...
You know you live in VT when...Hunting season started here this weekend so the mall was PACKED Saturday night when I ran out to do a few errands. (End Joke.) Seeing that many people out and about was fun, for about five minutes. I'm hoping to have my shopping done by Thanksgiving so I'm able to enjoy the rest of the season without going crazy. I have lists of everyone I need to pick something up for and a couple ideas for each. I figure I'm good to go.

While we were out Saturday night we got SUCKERED. You know those kiosks that are in malls and there are about 3 people working at them and they approach you while you're walking by to "try" it on you. Well, there was this nail thing (I actually already have two of them from years ago) but it's the whole sand/buff/polish block and EACH one of us bought one. I was not impressed with myself at all, but I did already use it to do my nails and I DO love it.

I had to work ALL day Saturday at an event we had that was crazy. A party for about 500 kids/adults is not something that I would like to do more than once a year. And people are rude. (Ha, like YOU didn't know...) We were serving cake and ice cream (FOR FREE) at this party (WHICH IS FREE) and this mother comes up and goes, "Um, could we have cake ONLY? My husband works at Jen & Berry's (name altered to protect the guilty) and that ice cream is NOT so we do NOT want that." I looked at her, and smiled, and said of course but what I really wanted to say way, "YEA LADY? Well, I ASKED J & B's to have THEIR ICE CREAM and THEY SAID NO SO HOW ABOUT YOU ASK YOUR HUSBAND ABOUT THAT, HUH?!??"

Saturday evening before we headed out shopping one of my best friends from high school stopped by on his way out for the night. It was a quick visit but we got caught up, so I get a text from him yesterday morning that reads, "So are you ready to date me yet or do I have to wait longer?!??" Ummm....? WHAT?!?

I (FINALLY) started working on my quilts again yesterday. I finished my last block for one of them (still have to figure out the lattice/borders) and started on another one. I'm feeling good about that.

It's my boyfriend's birthday tomorrow and his mom's birthday on Friday but I'm heading there next week so I think we're going to celebrate then. (I hope, because I didn't even send him a birthday card...) oops.

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