Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Almost $100 Barrel

Ugh. I'm tired of these rising fuel prices. Go fill your tanks now before the price per gallon surges. I don't know about all of you, but it's $3.03/gallon in VT right now and I'd rather not see it any higher than that.
I don't think I mentioned that the other day when I ran into the store for a gallon of milk it was $4.99. A $5 bill for a gallon of milk. Expensive? Yes. But I'd rather pay more money for milk (those dairy famers work HARD) than for gasoline.
I read somewhere that the states with the best economy right now are Idaho and Colorado. Maybe I should think about moving. :)
AND what's up with people refusing to be paid in American dollars. That just makes me angry.
Oh, have a great day. :)

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Blogger hot potato said...

the last i looked the gas here was $2.99 per gallon. i am just dreading it breaking $3.00. i know what you mean about milk and dairy farmers...

it also makes me steam when i hear about people refusing to take the American dollar. next time, tell them to take and use it to wipe their backsides!

1:10 AM  

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