Monday, March 31, 2008

I've Decided...

that it's officially Spring. I know it REALLY is, but it doesn't yet feel like it in VT but, quite frankly, I'm sick of the COLD. So, I'm rebelling. I'm switching over my closet and breaking out all of my pastels and brights and lights.

So There.

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Anonymous Rich said...

I went kayaking last Wednesday. It was actually nice, a little windy, and of course the constant knowledge in the back of my mind that if I was to tip over, poof... Rich-sicle.

We got our seeds in the mail today, so spring can't be far!

11:59 PM  
Blogger Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

I didn't even have to wear a fleece today! But I hear that it is going back down to the 30's later in the week here. It's just not fair!!!

8:28 PM  

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