Wednesday, October 01, 2008


I decided to go with the move. I told The Family about it Monday night after class and they were less than thrilled but after I explained my reasoning they were (a little) better. The move date is October 15th... I can't believe I'm moving again 6 weeks after the first move, but this one seems like it should last a while. :)

My sister's boyfriend was up in VT visiting her this past weekend so my mom sent down all of my mail and a bunch of goodies with him when he came back to CT yesterday. What a great surprise!

It's raining in CT today which means indoor recess. Greeeaaaat...



Blogger Paige Jennifer said...

I'm a little behind, so sorry for failing to chime in with my two cents earlier.

Anyway, I think moving is the right thing. A dog is WAY easier than a kid. And you need easy, kiddo. Too many balls to juggle and too much settling in to do.

Hang in there - good things are coming!

1:34 PM  

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