Monday, November 03, 2008

A Boring Update

I do actually have some good stories for you but that would require me to think and well... that hasn't really been happening lately. We had conferences last week so I had Friday off which was fan.tas.stic. You know how you feel when you just have an extra day to get stuff done? It was like someone gifted me an extra 16 hours to deal with all of this "stuff" that really needed to be finished.

I spent all day Friday finishing my first graduate level research paper that I happily printed when I got to work this morning. I was ambitious enough to write most of it two weeks ago so I had time to hand it in early to get reviews/revisions. We'll see how it goes- - I'm totally anxious about it, but I'm hoping that it's okay. I have a couple of more larger projects to round out the semester but now that this paper is done, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Friday night I went out with a couple of my friends from work (basically the ONLY friend that I have in CT) and we were the only two in the bar without costumes on. We're lame. We know. I don't care. I haven't done Halloween in a really long time and I like it like that.

I was sort of expecting a visitor for the weekend so I wanted to keep my schedule somewhat free but those plans fell through so instead? I babysat. All weekend long. This is what my schedule looked like:
Saturday- 8am-1pm- Babysit
2-4pm- Jazzercise Birthday Party
6-12am- Babysit

8-12:30pm- Babysit
2:30-5pm- Babysit

My sister's boyfriend's mom called me Sunday evening and invited me to go out to dinner with the family so even though I was already in bed at 5:30 (whatever. I was TIRED.) I got up, showered and met them around 7 to head to dinner. We went to this ridiculous Italian place in Greenwich that was fantastic but the menu was... you guess it... in Italian so I ended up with something that I didn't *love*. Oh well- - it was JUST what I needed after a kid filled weekend. Adult conversation and alcohol.



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