Monday, October 13, 2008

New Thanksgiving Plans

Yesterday afternoon as my friend I were driving from VT back to CT we were discussing how the next time we're going to be home is for Thanksgiving. We always like to have something to look forward to and plan for so we were brainstorming about a Thanksgiving Day flag football game with our friends and family and thus... Wishbone Bowl 2008 was born. We excitedly discussed for the remainder of the car ride and when I came into work this morning, this is what was in my inbox:

Alright so this is a very preliminary agenda but I this is what I'm
thinking. Constructive feedback is welcomed and may be disregarded.

Wishbone bowl 2008 will be played at 8:30AM Thursday November 27th
(thanksgiving morning). The field is TBD.

We are looking at putting together 2 teams, hopefully around 6 or 7 on
each team. This will be a FLAG FOOTBALL game, chop blocks and full out
tackles will only be allowed if warranted.

We will pick teams the morning of the game. Jerseys and flags will be
provided (pls think of nicknames for the back of the jerseys because
last names get boring). Eye black/gloves/helmet/cleats will have to be
brought by yourself. Jerseys however will all have number 08 so pls do
not request any special numbers.

We will play 4 quarters (15/20 minute quarters depending on collective
shape of the team and weather). If we have 7 players per team. There
will be 1 QB and 6 Eligible receivers. (once again this is FLAG
FOOTBALL so don't be a playground loser). Offense has a max of 8 plays
per drive, with one first down. After the 7th play the offense can go
for a field goal (lame) or the all important "hail mary pass" (ala doug

Showboating and end zone celebrations are not only acceptable but

P/M - since you are bringing close to 90% of the team I expect you
to really by hyping up just how much FUN this is going to be.

Drinks - Depending on temperature (hot chocolate and ICE 101) or Mimosas
and bloody marry's. Hydration is very important so we will have "water"
time outs.

Winner of the first annual Wishbone bowl will receive a wishbone bowl
trophy, that will no doubt grow over the years in popularity to become
one of the most sought after pieces of hardware.

Pls send any suggestions to yours truly and I will see what we can do.


The commissioner.

I love my friends. :)



Blogger TCP said...

Fun! Mr. TC and his friends have Turkey Bowl every year during Thanksgiving's always tons of fun!

1:29 PM  

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