Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Privacy Fence

I, like many other bloggers, have thought about the benefits of going private. While that has never been my choice, lately there have been some things going on that I'd rather not have "out there" for anyone to see. I like the openness of non-private and think that's probably how I'll stay, but, you guys? Seriously? If I went private there would be some fantastically better stories than what you've gotten lately.

I don't know why I'm really worried about this, I'm pretty sure there's only about 5 of you who read regularly anyway! It's just that I've got so much to say and no real venue to say it!



Blogger Tanya said...

Just wanted to say hi...Im one of those lurker types! I have a blog but feel very much like you...torn between revealing "too much" (especially to some of the more proper people whose blogs I read), yet liking the interaction with the few readers I do have. Its a fine line.

Anyway, its nice to see another blog thats sort of more of a diary rather than a highly themed blog!

4:33 PM  
Blogger Paige Jennifer said...

It's a fine line and you have to do what's comfortable, keeping in mind that it can change on a dime to uncomfortable. I had a go-private panic earlier this week. Good times (not).

11:09 AM  

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