Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Thanksgiving Football

You guys are probably sick of all of the Thanksgiving football talk, I know. The email chain that it has created is worth sharing though, I think you’ll appreciate it. ☺ You can read the original email below:

8:26 am from Friend #2: Great email S. I’m sure the boys will want in. I’ll ask my brother in-laws too. –P

8:32am from Friend #1: Yes the more people we have the less we have to run, which I think is good for everyone involved. I forgot to mention that there will be mandatory 20min stretching period for everyone over the age of 21. We don't want any pulled hamis.

9:03am Friend #2: My sister sounds really excited about it and said the kids will definitely play. Greg will too. Here are my sister's email addresses as well as my mom's. They are all in.

9:45am Me forwarding to my family: Hey Everyone, See email from S below- - we brainstormed in the car yesterday (in between the ridiculous discussions about G) and this is what he's come up with. We need to know asap if everyone is going to be around at Thanksgiving (A, we already know- - you're out). Don't worry if you don't know what a chop block is, we'll figure it out. S signed his email "Commissioner" so I guess that makes me...

Assistant Commissioner.

Damn straight. :)

9:53 am from Sister #3: hahahah im soo mad im not going to be here but i would still like to receive a jersey!!!!! Lol

10:15am from Friend #1 (S): Of course you can still get a jersey. I'll see what we can do about transferring the live feed of the game over seas. If that doesn't work though I'm sure the highlights will be on sportscenter on Friday.

10:54am from my Dad: will there be a first aid tent set up?? (: ( not for me )

11:12am from Me: first aid will be dealt with on an "as necessary" basis. :)

11:13 am from Sister #4: Hahahaha! Sounds fun! I'm in! :) lets just not tell anyone that I have NO idea what any of the rules/terms are....

11:20am from Friend #1 (S): haha, i'm loving the the way i already have a trophy picked out, i'm just in the process of personalizing it....

11:26am from my Dad: I think you might need a videographer for those "close" plays??

11:39am from Sister #2: I'm in...but you're chances of getting me to play seriously will definitely improve with mimosas.

11:58am from Friend #1 (S): Although you might be playing serious, I don't think you will be able to hear the plays that are being called so it could get interesting.


8:39am from Friend #2: This is from my Mom and sister. They said they would make some food or something.

8:40am from Friend #1: (image of jerseys)

8:45am from friend #1: Okay, love this. Nick names coming soon.

(I won’t add all of the nickname emails because you guys wouldn’t appreciate them I don’t think…)

7:22am from Friend #1: A reminder that nicknames and full rosters will have to be put together by Friday. A couple of rules I was thinking of though.
1) If this is going to be a tradition I'm sure there will be a time when "significant others" will be coming to dinners. However, pre-proposal significant others will get the nickname "wannabe" until otherwise noted.
2) There will be two, what I like to call "hydration stations" on the sidelines. A kids table denoted by the smiley face :) and the grown up table denoted by the frowning/hungover face :(.
3) although flags will be hanging from our waist, any accidental grab of anything other then the flag will be considered non-accidental.
4) The Commish continues to reserve the right to add more inappropriate rules at whatever time is deemed necessary.

Have a good day and keep thinking of those nicknames.



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