Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Do I live in Florida?

When I moved to Connecticut I knew that come spring I would be seeing tulips at a time where were were still getting snowstorms in Vermont. I knew that there would be 67% LESS rainy days per year than Burlington, VT. I knew that I was ready to enjoy being outside a little longer each day and year.

What I DIDN'T know? Was that it was going to be November and still be 65 degrees outside. It's fall- -it's almost PAST fall and I still haven't worn a damn sweater. Today? I'm wearing a t-shirt dress with no tights. It's WARM out. The jacket that I wore is almost unseasonal. I want COOL weather. I would even settle for 45 degrees. This? Isnotfun. Fall is my favorite season and I haven't even really been able to enjoy it yet.



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