Monday, November 17, 2008

One of Those Weekends

I've just had one of "those" weekends and the stories are too funny/hilariously unfunny not to share with you. I'll start with Friday night.

Background story: When my family came to visit me for the weekend of my birthday we went out for drinks after returning from NYC. We all left the restaurant at the same time in two different cars. My parent's car was in front and while we were waiting at a red light two cars hit each other and then (almost in slow motion) hit my parents car. Everyone was fine, but the car was not drivable and got towed away. No car rental places were open at 10pm at night so I brought them to the hotel and picked my Dad up early the next morning to rent a car. They've had the rental car since then and got a phone call Friday at 4:10pm that they had to get their car by 5pm. In Connecticut. Have I mentioned that they live in Vermont?!?

So, I'm doing my usual Friday afternoon activities, picking up a girl in Westport after school, driving her to Stamford for ice skating lessons, going home to walk the dog, picking her up from ice skating and driving her back to Westport. I'm driving to let the dog out and my mom calls me to ask if there is any way I can get the car in the next fifty minutes. I have to pick up at ice skating at 4:50 so I RUSH home, call my (only) friend here and ask if there's any way she can come with me to get the car so she can drive my car home and I'll take my parents car. She is a saviour and said yes so we get the car and I head to Westport when my mind starts racing...

My parents had a busy weekend of working planned and I thought it would be a perfect opportunity for me to go home for the weekend, switch cars for them and drive the rental back. I called the lady that I live with and ask if it would be okay if I took the dog home with me. (Thus making the dog a non-issue over the weekend.) She says that five hours in the car is MUCH to long for her dog (even though when I interviewed she said that if I wanted to go away for the weekend I was welcome to as long as I took the dog) and that I was free to go as long as I was back by 3pm on Saturday to walk the dog. (crickets chirping)

But she did offer to call me around 1 if she was going to be home by then so I wouldn't have to rush. It's not like I would have to leave at 10am from VT to make it back here by 3. At all.

I went home Friday night at 8pm and was asleep by 8:45 to fight off the depression and angriness that I was feeling.



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