Wednesday, February 04, 2009

A Sign of the Times

Before I left my former company I managed to survive a round of layoffs. Since then they have had two more rounds. Serious rounds. I feel lucky that I made the career switch that I did, when I did, as I may have escaped a far more dire fate. I am reasonably confident in the security of my current job, a job that I love and I'm good at, and I am so grateful.

Today I got a message from one of my cousins- - she has been laid off. She had just returned to work from maternity leave.

Is there an end in sight to all of this? I can't think of many (any?) people who are unaffected by the state of our economy. If nothing else, let this serve as a reminder to appreciate your job, spend some quality time with your family and revel in the small things.

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