Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Date Filled Weekend

After hitting a ridiculous amount of traffic on the way home Friday afternoon, we made it around 8pm and went straight to the bar. (Like you expected anything else...) Jax and my parents were already there and my other two sisters met us too. Jax and I had planned on leaving and heading to dinner but... we had a few too many drinks and decided to stay at the bar. I know, I'm a complete loser. You guys should have seen me- - I was flirting with ALL of the boys at the bar (they're all friends so Jax wasn't offended) and dancing UP A STORM. It was a very successful night. I really know how to impress a date.

After a birthday breakfast for my Dad's 50th, Saturday was spent in flannel pants all day nursing a HUGE HANGOVER. HUGE. Then, of course, we headed to happy hour at my cousin's house. One of my closest cousins got engaged in July (I'm going to be a bridesmaid- - woop!woop!) and she and her fiance were up from NC for the weekend to finalize some wedding details (not that we EVER need an excuse for a party). After happy hour we headed downtown to hit up the bars. I asked Jax if he wanted to join us- - he did- - so we all hung out until last call.

The night was great, Jax actually knew some of my friends already and enjoyed hanging out with my cousins and other friends. He's very sweet and easygoing and fantastic. Of course... he's in Vermont. And I'm in CT. What else is new? We were talking this morning and he totally said that he wanted to be with me more seriously and while I was flattered, I don't really think it will work. At least not now. I don't want to do the whole long-distance thing again, it's unfair and I don't know him well enough to know if it's something that I want to pursue. He was completely fine with and I think he's coming down to CT to visit for a weekend soon...

Baby steps.

If nothing else- - he's super fun to hang out with.

We'll see what happens...



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