Monday, December 11, 2006

The Weekend Report

Good Monday Morning Everyone! I hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend! Mine was *great*! (If a run-down of details bores you... skip on through this one!) Friday night I met one of my roommates from college and friends of ours out for drinks that turned into a whole night of fun! We decided to go to a bar closer to us rather than all the way downtown. This time of year you can’t go anywhere without seeing at least 10 people you know from High School and Church Street is always PACKED with shoppers!

Of course, going out at this time of year I am always reminded of etiquette and basic, polite behavior. When I arrived at the bar there was a rather loud group in the back corner and I couldn’t help overhearing their conversation. I think I was paying attention because the voices sounded *so* familiar. I started to recognize the names of the people they we talking about and then it hit me! The group consisted of local djs from the most popular radio station in the area and they were TOTALLY talking badly about one of their co-hosts. I would have thought they would be more careful in their “listening area”! If anything, it just serves as a reminder to always be aware of your surroundings especially if you’re not going to say something nice!

I don’t know if I’ve told you all here or not, but I’ve decided to become an Instructor for Jazzercise! If you don’t know what that is, you can go to and check it out. I love it and I’m really excited about the possibility of having my own classes! My goal is to become certified at the February workshop but that might be slightly ambitious as I haven’t even received the training dvd yet, but this is all aside from the point. As a new member of the Jazzercise employee crew I was invited to the Holiday Party on Saturday night. And, there is no better way to get to know your new co-workers than over food and alcohol! I really had a great time and had an ever BETTER outfit so I was totally excited! On Saturday I was out running some errands and came across this really simple, totally GORGEOUS sweater-dress. It has a scoop-neck and ends about 3inches above the knee. This dress is a *total* classic and when I wrapped a bright red belt around it, the whole outfit came together! I don’t have any pictures, but I’ll try to find something similar to show you!

I went to my Body Sculpting class last night cleverly titled- - Butts and Guts while the Holidays are NUTS! Ha. My boyfriend affectionately refers to is as my “Ass and Abs” class. Whatever the name, I love it and wish it was offered more than once a week. I’m trying to start a class where women can bring their husbands or boyfriends, or significant others to class with them- - can anyone out there think of a catchy name for the class? “Jazz up your Love Life” sounds really cheesy but it’s a good as I could get!

Last night I wrapped all of my Christmas presents and got them under the tree so I’m really getting into the Spirit now! I only have a couple of more things to pick up and I’m done shopping- - well, other than for myself.

Oh, and just so no one is worrying... my sister's do NOT ready this and when I try to tell them stories about the Blogging World they just look at each other like, "Thank God we have other Sisters around because this one's gone CRAZY!"

AND for one of my readers wondering about the "Christmas Perals"- - they came from a local Jewelry store in Burlington. They don't have website, so I'm not sure how you could see/order them. HOWEVER, I don't know if you have a Costco- - don't think I'm crazy, I love this store- - they actually have a FANTASTIC jewelry department with a lot of great options. You could check there!


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