Tuesday, May 29, 2007


What a great weekend! I had no scheduled plans, which was *so* great and got to do everything that I wanted! On Friday, my boyfriend ran our tennis practice which was really great for the girls. I think they appreciated hearing from someone other than myself! We ran home from practice too, we have a beautiful bike path on the lake that goes directly from our practice courts to my house, and I haven't been able to run on it yet this year which is probably why those 5 miles home hurt so much the next day. :)

Yesterday we got out the tandem bike (yes, I have one...) and got it ready for the summer! I couldn't find my helmets so I didn't want to take a "real" ride but we did take a quick trip up to see my sisters working at the ice cream shoppe and took it again later when I went to Jazzercise.

And I consumed entirely too much alcohol...

Tomorrow we have our first playoff match for tennis, we'll see how this goes!

Hope everyone's weekends were great!



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