Wednesday, June 13, 2007

25 Years

So, we finally decided what to do for my parent's 25th anniversary. We're still working on a gift idea, but settled on the get-together! There is a bar near our house that my parents like to go to and have become friendly with the owners. There is no charge to have a private party there and since it's a central location to all of those people we'll be inviting, it seems perfect! This particular bar doesn't serve food, but that is just as well because I like to bring my own anyway. The owners are being really easy-going about the entire thing and said they would help us decorate the day-of and would run any type of drink special that I wanted. Of course, this got me thinking... should I ask them to have one type of fun, summery drink "on-the-house" like pitchers of margaritas, or sangria around, or should I ask for a special price on my parent's drink of choice- - Mich Ultra? (Ha, don't laugh... :)).

Then of course, I'm trying to decide what to do for the bar. I definitely cannot afford to have an open bar the entire time but I'm wondering if I should have one type of drink that is free all night, if I should get a couple of kegs (when they're gone, they're gone), or if I should give a set amount up front and all drinks are on that tab until it's gone. I don't know, I want it to be fun and stress-free, and not TACKY. Any suggestions?

Decorating... I think we'll have a few pictures of them together, over the years, around but other than that, I'm not sure what to do. Does anyone have any ideas?!?

This is a week from Saturday and since we just decided last night what our plan was going to be... it's going to be a little late of notice, ugh. I hate that. :)



Blogger Meg said...

You could do a few of signature drinks and call it good...tie them to your parents in some way. For instance, I've been to couple of weddings where they do that using the Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, and Something Blue theme, coming up with a drink to go with each of those four things. I feel like I'm not describing this very well.

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