Friday, June 08, 2007

Friday Free Write

Ahhhhh, the sweet sounds of Friday. It's easier to get out of bed knowing that I have the weekend in front of me! The past week has been really busy with end of the year school activities (being a coach, you're expected to attend many functions). We had our tennis banquet last night, it was dessert only since we couldn't start until 7:15, but the girls enjoyed it. My assistant coach and I picked out the highlight of each girl's season (their best match) and talked about each of them individually. We also presented them with their "match ball" (a tennis ball with their name, opponent and score of their best match of the season), their certificates, letters, and Paper Plate Award. Have you heard of those? Paper plate awards? They are informal awards written on the backs of paper plates, it keeps things light and fun and the girls love seeing what theirs will be. For example, we had the Discovery Award, for always finding a way to win, the 11th Hour Award, for taking the match to it's last possible point the most times, the Third Set Specialist Award, for always winning third set matches... you get the idea. It was over by 8:30pm, short and sweet, just how I like it. The girls also got us coaches gifts, my assistant got an embroidered hat with our team info, and the girls got me a gift certificate to Monelle's in Burlington- - my favorite store EVER. (Those of you who've been to it, you know what I mean.) They carry Jen's belts too... who knows what I'll pick out for myself!

We went out to dinner after the banquet last night, of course, dinner wasn't enough for the boys so I brought them downtown on our way home. They wanted to go "out, out." I went to bed but, they woke me up when they got home... at 3:30am talking a whole bunch of ridiculousness. I don't think I've mentioned... summers are crazy at my house between my parents, my three sisters, myself, our boyfriends/friends there are at least 10 people in my house at all times. This makes for extremely creative driveway parking. :)

I had my exit meeting with the Athletic Director this morning because the season is over. I can handle criticism, critiques, suggestions very well but do you ever get the feeling that someone TRIES to find bad things to say about you? It's been a challenge this year with the AD and it's a bit of a touchy situation because he is my best friend's father and I've known him my entire life. He didn't say anything REALLY bad, but just kind of rubbed me the wrong way. Oh well... I have 9months before I need to deal with him again. :) While I was walking out of school I ran into my youngest sister talking with the principal, they stopped to say hi and tell me that she had just been approved to graduate a year early! She is *so* excited and had been working towards this goal since middle school. She can always change her mind, but she wants this so badly. If she does go through with it, it means that she and my second-to-youngest sister will graduate and go to college together. They both want to go where my other sister and I did so now they're focusing on getting in. :) I hope this ends well. My youngest sister just called me too, she passed her driving test today. What a day for her, I feel as though the day will end with some celebratory drinks... bring 'em on!

My boyfriend's parents are coming to VT for the first time today for the weekend... I could predict exactly how the weekend will go for all of you, but I'll wait until I have the "real" stories. I promise, there will be some. Please think of me this weekend. ;)

I usually don't share people pictures, but two of my guy friends came to my Jazzercise class this week, and well... I couldn't resist!

For those of you in the Northeast, you might recognize these guys... former UVM basketball stars Taylor Coppenrath and TJ Sorrentine, yea, they caused quite a scene.

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Blogger Princess Banter said...

Wow -- how were you able to manage to get your guy friends to do THAT? Usually, from my experience, guys would at least need a couple of shots before they do anything out of the norm :P Good job! Haha!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excuse please, that I interrupt you.

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