Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I felt like I had a lot to say to all of you on my way into work this morning, but now I am forgetting everything that I had thought of... oh well! To start, how about some "CRAZY NEWS"? When I first heard/read these two stories I was like, "...". (Picture me, {oh wait, that's hard, you don't know what I look like!} staring blankly ahead- - dumfounded.) What are they you ask?

The Diaper Free Movement
Cojones (for real.)

My first night as a sundae slave and creemee twirler went well although I'm SURE I was a little slow. I made $20 in tips though which I thought was pretty great! At least it covers my morning diet coke addiction for about three weeks. It was also the night before school officially started so many parents took their kids in for one last "hurrah". It was so cute to see all of the kids anxious for school!

I've been really anxious for prime-time tv to start but with the U.S. Open (LOVE LOVE LOVE, LOOOOOOVE) and a Red Sox/Yankees series I've got myself some pretty stellar television. When I was in college the U.S. Open was an excuse to to have cocktail parties every night and it always coincided with the beginning of our own tennis season so it was pretty perfect. It was on DURING THE DAY which at least offered a choice from Boy Meets World and Step by Step- - not that I was looking for one. However, my college was NOT in New England (though it was close enough and seriuosly populated by kids FROM New England) so we did NOT get NESN which makes watching the Red Sox slightly difficult. Being in NY I thought, well, at least we can watch Red Sox/Yankee games on the YES network but, we didn't get that either. We could only watch the Sox on Fox and every Sox fan knows that those announcers PALE in comparison.

One last thought- - Lisagh... I'm having withdrawals.



Blogger MC said...

I read about the diaper free movement when I was teaching preschool and researching potty training techniques. It sounds a lot like training a dog, they suggested holding the baby above the toilet and saying a cue word, such as go potty.

8:38 AM  
Blogger suburban prep said...

My brother married a woman from China and they have a 9 month old and my sister-in-law has been doing this with my niece for a few months now.

10:09 PM  

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