Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Tandem Weekend

It was a beautiful weekend here in Vermont which I got to enjoy because our trip to PA was cancelled at the last minute... (which I wasn't too upset about, there's something about being home with my boyfriend and ALL of his friends that is less than exciting) so we headed up to my camp in the Lake Champlain Islands for a couple of days.

We went swimming, fishing, and out to dinner at this fabulous new restaurant nearby- - got pink grapefruit sorbet for dessert. It was fantasic. We were seated next to the most insecure lady EVER who wouldn't talk quietly enough for me NOT to stare at her the entire time. She was continuously like, "Why are you guys telling me to be quiet?" "Is everyone looking at me?" "You guys, I'm not like an embarrassment- - you need to leave me alone." "I see how it is, I'm on my second drink so you think I'm an alcoholic." UGH. I hate experiences like that.

My boyfriend had to work later than usual on Friday night so I had the groceries bought and the car packed when he arrived which enabled me to sneak the tandem bike- - that's right, a bicycle built for two- -on the back of the car without him knowing. :) Saturday we headed out for a ride and ended up riding 20 miles. It was awesome, being on the lake and just relaxing. My butt is still sore from that bike though.

Hope everyone out there is great!

This is our camp! A view from the water!

And this is the bay, a view from the camp! We are in a bay, and on the point there is a beautiful Lake House where many, many people have their weddings in the area. Saturday night there was a wedding, so we could hear the music over at our camp which was so fun. As you can see, the music attracts of "water-guests" too. Boats from all over come into the bay to hang out for the night and these boats ended up staying all night in the bay.



Blogger Sarah M said...

Looks beautiful! What a nice retreat!

12:41 PM  
Blogger Kimba Rimba said...

What great pictures!

I have a BAD habbit of staring at people like that, i'm always being told to "knock it off". Hey they ask for it! :)

11:27 AM  
Blogger amanda said...

New to the blog. Good stuff. Here's a question from a southern girl. What exactly do you mean by camp? I notice that a lot of the northern girls refer to opening up the camp, etc. For a long time, I thought you all ran children's camps! I'm guessing now that it's a vacation home, but is there something distinctive that makes it a "camp"

11:32 AM  

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