Monday, December 03, 2007

Walking In a Winter Wonderland

The first real "storm" of the year is here and while I'm slightly jealous of all of the kids home from school today, it's exciting! (Someone remind me that I said this in April when it's still snowing...)

I took 1/2 a day off on Friday to travel with my mom to my sister's squash matches in Connecticut. It was a much better experience than last time and my sister's boyfriend came too which was GREAT- -I haven't seen him since the summer and he is just too cute. Of course, since I took off early it HAD to be the day that bonuses are given out at work. (!!). I have never received a true "bonus" before but the feeling is everything I had imagined it to be. :)

Yesterday I woke up early, got my laundry done and went to Jazzercise (ugh. MORE ABOUT THIS LATER.) I spent the rest of the afternoon at one of my (new) friend's houses hanging out. (She just moved to VT from NJ with her boyfriend and she is our newest Jazz instructor) I NEVER just hang out. It was great though, her boyfriend was out of town so we made pizza and read magazines on the couch. For FOUR hours. I've never been great at being friends with girls so I'm hoping this goes well becaues, I really like her! (Well, I'm friends with lots of girls, but not the kind of friends who can just hang out without DOING something- - does that make sense?)

The holiday season is truly upon us and I have holiday parties for the next three weekends. My shopping is basically done so I'm looking forward to just ENJOYING this time. It seems crazy, I'm not sure where November went...

My best friend from college got engaged on Friday Night!!!!!!!! Woo! :)

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