Friday, January 18, 2008

It's All About Networking

I went to a business networking event for my alma mater last night. Now I'm very friendly and pretty bubbly, but is it just me or is there something inherently akward about these events? It's all, "Hi, what year did you graduate? Oh, '68... so what do you do now? Oh, you're retired... right... " :) Kidding. A little. Some of you are probably the STARS at stuff like this.

Overall it was fun and I got to see some people I haven't seen since graduation, AND it was something to put on my calendar now that all of the "Call bf, skype date with bf, ER with bf" have been removed. (Okay, those things were never actually scheduled, but you get my drift.)

I have a socially jam-packed weekend. I'm going to see 27 Dresses tonight with a newish friend who is becoming my closest friend since college then we're meeting up with my two best guy friends from high school for drinks. Tomorrow my cousin is home for the weekend with her boyfriend whom the family hasn't met yet (we met when I went down to HHI last year) so we have happy hour planned then we're all going out with friends. Should be fun.

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