Monday, April 14, 2008

Lame, Lame Blogging

I have been a terribly lame blogger lately, I apologize. I've been super-busy and haven't even really had a minute to gather a few coherent thoughts. We have our first tennis match of the season today, the team is looking better than I had anticipated so, hopefully we'll do a little better than last year!

Saturday night we celebrated Sister #3's 18th birthday, it's all very exciting. :) She is heading out on vacation and has an ancient ipod-mini that is broken so my other sisters and I chipped in and got her a new ipod, she was shocked and LOVED it. She has also decided that she is going to massage therapy school in the fall so my parents gifted her a massage table to get her started. (Sister #4 has finally decided on her place of higher glad to have those decisions over with!)

AND of course, being that it's April and (slightly) warm I've started my hours at the Scoop Shoppe again... here's to a summer of perfectly straight soft-serve. :)

n.b. I worked last night and a man came through the drive-through and ordered a medium twist in a cone. ($2.35). I gave him the cone and his change (from a $5) and he said- - "Oh, that's your tip, keep it." He tipped $2.65 for a $2.35 item! It this keeps up I'll be able to pay for TWO vacations on my tip money this year. :)

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Blogger Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Oh what a fun and unexpected treat from your customer! Those are the best treats in life!

10:30 PM  

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