Wednesday, May 28, 2008


We should have long weekends EVERY weekend. I had such an enjoyable few days (I took Friday off to too...) it makes it hard to get back into my schedule. I traveled for the weekend and when I got home had dinner at a friend's house. It was *long* overdue and it was EXACTLY what I needed at that moment.

This week is totally crazy with tennis matches and the individual state tournament but I just looked at my calendar for the weeken and I have ONE committment on Saturday at 11am. This is completely unprecedented but I cannot be more excited. I'm SO looking forward to a relaxing weekend with no set plans. And the Sex and the City Premiere. :)

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Blogger J said...

I took Friday off too and it was SO hard to make it through the day yesterday! In fact, this morning I was actually thinking of asking for next Monday off because a five day week just seems like too much to bear!

10:33 AM  

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