Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sometimes all it takes is an email...

I have had a rough week with Jazz stuff (no surpsise, I know) and tennis wasn't the BEST in the middle of the season but we had our school wide athletic awards night Tuesday night and the emails I received after that night remind me why I do this...

Dear M,

Sometimes, in the flury of excitement, the opportunity for the genuine expression of sincere appreciation escapes. Just want you to know how deeply (our daughter) was touched when she received the Coach's award from you last night. Knowing her as we do, it was easy for (my husband) and I to recognize the special light in her eyes.

As a coach you may never know how important your influence in a person's life will be, not only now, but in the distant future. At this point, it's difficult to predict how profound an influence a gesture like this can have on a young person; but, I can assure you, that (she) will never forget last night and the thrill of being recognized for tennis by her Coach. Thanks to you and for the lovely things you said about, and to, our daughter.

Tennis Mom & Dad



I can't begin to thank you enough for the lovely words about (my daughter) and for any influence you may have had on the awards she won. She had a rough spring, summer and fall missing prime soccer recruiting season, her club season and her senior year of soccer. As a result gained zero recognition on a high school level of her soccer abilities. Somehow I feel that last night and your little speech made up for it all. As a mother, this means a lot to me and I know it meant a lot to her. My only regret from last night is that (my husband) was out of town and missed it all!


Tennis Mom #2

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Blogger Paige Jennifer said...

Yah done good, kid. A heck of a lot better than my tennis coach who spent every practice working with the strongest player. It was like she had a private lesson while the rest of us were mere distractions.

11:02 AM  

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