Monday, June 02, 2008


Wow. Is it really June already? I feel like I was just saying this about May... I had the most enjoyable weekend- - in a really long time.

I went Friday night to see Sex and the City (it hasn't gotten great reviews, but I LOVED it) with my sisters and three friends. While I was in the movie I got a text from the ex that he was coming to visit for the weekend (glossing over this part- - please indulge me), and spent the remainder of Friday evening hanging out at home.

Saturday morning I had a tennis match then we met my college tennis coach for lunch. He was recruiting in the area so we met him on Church Street for a few hours. It's always so much fun to see him. It's crazy how you can spend four years of your life seeing someone for hours everyday and then suddenly- - you graduate- - and really never see them at ALL anymore! I've been so busy with my real job, Jazzercise and tennis that I have not had a chance at all lately to run so Saturday evening I thought it would be fun to hit the road. Well, because I had a friend to come with me I wanted to try this loop that I've always been too scared to try by myself... off we went! It ended up being almost 7 miles and by the end I was SWEATY and SORE and TIRED but it felt SO good and it was a personal best for me.

Saturday evening we headed out to dinner and just spend the rest of the night relaxing/having fun/drinking. :)

I started a house/dog sitting gig yesterday. We all know how THAT went the last time so hopefully this will be better. The house though, is an extra 15 minutes out of my way to EVERYTHING which kind of stinks but it's right on the lake and they've got a hot tub and kayaks so... I guess I can suck it up for the next seven days.

This is getting too long but we have tennis playoffs Wednesday and my two youngest sisters graduate from High School on Saturday morning... it's going to be a busy week!

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